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As the industrial revolution was revolving its way across the nineteen century, one aspect about it that one could pick out of the revolution that was noticeable was manufacturing. What it meant is that materials that were previously deemed unworthy could now be transformed into something that people could find use of use. The productions of these produced materials needed the employment of a large labor force while at the same time the use of machinery was needed.

Through the course of time, certain market gaps within the market environment needed different forms of manufacturing to fill them. This means that different manufacturing process exist which can further be categories into three. The first one is known as the make to stock process or in short MTS. In this class of manufacture, the reasoning behind its manufacturing process is that products are put in stock once manufactured. The manufacturing process has its basis on predicting that the market will be in need of a certain quantity of products at a given time. The second class of manufacturing process is MTO or rather Make To Order. This form of manufacturing is based on whereby there is demand for a product through orders. It resulted in first of all there being a given number of orders for a given product for the manufacturing of that product to take place. The last class that there is the Make To Assemble or MTA class. The assemble industry takes this form of manufacturing as units are produced on the basis that they will be used in with assemblers.

The manufacturing process can be considered complex considering that it involves various process being brought together. Given by the fact that manufacturing involves various elements, it is important that there is a balance so as to be able to make the manufacturing process a success. Raw materials are the start point of any form of manufacturing. This means that one needs to have sufficient raw material in order for one to meet production needs for a given market. So as to be able to ensure that raw materials can be available for the manufacturing process, having a robust supply chain is a requirement. One way of meeting this guarantee is by establishing transportation channels that prevent issues such a distances or weather patterns are not a hindering factor when it comes to the supply of raw materials.

The other factor which is important and that comes into play in the that of the equipment used in the manufacturing. In order to be meet large demand, manufacturing companies have to ensure that they have machinery that will make the demand achievable. Efficiency is one thing that any manufacturing company needs and this can be achieved when the correct tools of trade are present. This helps in ensuring that issues such as quality control are maintained by using up to today machinery as meeting market demand is not enough.

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